Records Clerk - Job Posting

This is a clerical and administrative position that provides support for the Municipal Court.  Personnel will have significant contact with the public and outside agencies which requires strong personal interaction skills.  Work involves entering and retrieving data from the court records management system, processing criminal and driving history reports, and issue and monitor various city issued permits. Job has recurring work situations involving high degrees of discretion. The need for accuracy and effective utilization of accepted programs and routines is high.



  • Provides clerical support by answering and directing phone calls; assists at the front counter, distributes paperwork and information, processes and prepares legal documents and court forms; documents court orders and files paperwork;
  • Perform the technical aspects of collecting, collating, retention and control of various documents and reports held by the Department.
  • Enters, inquires and retrieves information from the records management system and other related databases.
  • Teletypes and receives warrants and acts as a liaison between the courts and the police department.
  • Accepts fees and fines, completes receipts and posts payments for traffic fines, restitution payments and other payments authorized by court order;
  • Acts as liaison between the public and the police department; responds to in person, telephone and written inquires;
  • Consults with the city solicitor, judges, public defender, defense attorneys, as well as the general public and City of Clarkston personnel on matters related to police records and documents.
  • Provides required documentation, police reports, etc., needed by the District Attorney, Solicitor General, City Solicitor, City Judge and officers in preparation for arraignment and prosecution of arrestees.
  • Search records for possible criminal records for defendants and pulls criminal history records for use by the court and officers.
  • Assists with the coordination of in state transports with outside agencies.
  • Assists with certifying citations for corrected vehicle violations.
  • Conducts research, compiles data and information and prepares reports on records-related issues as assigned.
  • Maintains a variety of numerical and alphabetical records pertaining to police related activities such as arrests, traffic citations, accident reports, and warrants for arrest.
  • Performs various entry and maintenance transactions involving stolen vehicles, missing persons, stolen property, etc., within state and national law enforcement telecommunication system databases.
  • Processes crime, accident and incident reports, including quality control review and distribution.
  • Assists with the processing of open record, and record restriction requests for the police department.
  • Implements an efficient and uniform procedure for records management in compliance with federal, state and local laws.
  • Issues and monitors the status of various permits.
  • Entry of dispositions via data entry on all finger printable arrest charges for the City of Clarkston using the GCIC CCH system.
  • Collect fines, and fees for citations, copies, background checks, open records request, and record restrictions etc.
  • Perform criminal background checks for the public and various organizations. 
  • Performs physical processing of records to include labeling and boxing records for permanent or temporary storage.
  • Ensures that the record room is organized and maintained in accordance with professional standards.
  • Coordinates the storage of departmental inactive temporary records and maintains those records for legally required periods.
  • Processes all public records requests for the police department including audio, video and photographs.  Researches the request, reviews for legal criteria in releasing and verifying the identity and involvement of the requestor.
  • Acts as back up for court clerks.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge Required by the Position:

  • Knowledge of the practices and procedures involved in law enforcement record keeping and confidentiality;
  • Knowledge of City policies, procedures, codes, ordinances and applicable State, Federal, and Local laws;
  • Knowledge of GCIC rules and regulations;
  • Knowledge of modern office practices, methods, equipment and standard clerical procedures;
  • Knowledge of basic bookkeeping practices;
  • Knowledge of basic math and accounting practices;
  • Knowledge of appropriate contacts for related police and court issues;
  • Knowledge of Georgia Open Records Act as it pertains to law enforcement records
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Skill in operating a computer and entering data into a database;
  • Skill in performing basic mathematical calculations;
  • Ability to operate GCIC to run criminal and driving history reports;
  • Ability to read and comprehend various technical reports and legal terminology;
  • Ability to handle confidential information;
  • Ability to handle stressful situations;
  • Ability to communicate with confrontational people;
  • Ability to maintain accurate records;
  • Ability to type and enter data correctly;
  • Ability to maintain accurate and complete records;
  • Ability to prepare monthly reports;
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing;
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Supervisory Controls:  Work is performed under the supervision of the Chief Court Clerk. 

Guidelines:  Guidelines include City and Departmental policies, procedures, codes, and ordinances; Federal, State and Local laws; and GCIC Rules and Regulations.  

Complexity:  This position consists of a variety of clerical and administrative duties.

Scope and Effect:  The purpose of this position is to ensure the effective and efficient daily operations of the Municipal Court.

Personal Contacts:  Contacts are typically with co-workers, attorneys, judges, solicitors, vendors, other law enforcement agencies and the general public.

Purpose of Contacts: Contacts are typically to give and exchange information, provide services, resolve conflicts, and solve problems.

Physical Demands:  The work is typically performed with the employee sitting at a desk.  The employee uses tools or equipment requiring dexterity.

Work Environment: The work is typically performed in an office. Ability to work evenings. Some travel may be required to maintain training requirements.

Supervisory and Management Responsibility: None.   

Minimum Qualifications:  

  • High School diploma or equivalent; Associate’s degree with two (2) years of college coursework from an accredited college or university in criminal justice or related field preferred; Three (3) years of clerical experience with a minimum of two (2) years of work experience which involves records management responsibilities to include maintenance, retrieval, and storage. No felony or drug convictions.

Closing date: 3-8-2019


Courts- General Employment Application

Records Clerk applications will be accepted until 3-8-19, or until the positions is filled. Applications are available on the City website at:

Interested applicants must submit the Courts General Employment applications and resumes via U.S. Mail or email to:

City of Clarkston
Attn: Tracy Ashby, City Clerk
1055 Rowland Street
Clarkston, GA 30021