Clarkston Operations Update & Adopted Mask Resolution

All of us together must make every effort to ensure our health and well-being and heed the various advice disseminated from our professional medical community, the Centers for Disease Control, and our Federal, State, and local government partners. Our City continues to monitor the situations and will continue to provide City services while minimizing risk to all.

Click to View Clarkston Operations Update Press Release 7-24-2020  

At a Special Call City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 21st, the Clarkston City Council adopted a resolution requiring the use of face coverings or masks in public during this continued COVID-19 (Pandemic) time.
Click HERE to Download the Clarkston Mask resolution.

The City of Clarkston strongly encourages all to continue to maintain prudent social distancing (6 feet), to remain at home if sick, and only leave home with a face covering/mask to perform essential services (buy food, medicine, travel to/from work, exercise-walk/bicycle) as needed, and to avoid any gatherings outside your home.