• To support the vision, mission, and guiding principles of the City of Clarkston.
  • While performing any procedure, all employees must observe applicable Safety, Health, and Environmental rules and guidelines.
  • Attend and participate in training opportunities and seminars relevant to this position.
  • Adhere to established City operating procedures, benefit rules, employment, and safety policies/practices.



JOB SCOPE: The economic development coordinator responsibilities include conducting research to formulate plans for addressing economic matters related to the businesses and marketing of the city. Along with other duties and tasks assigned, the economic development coordinator will be responsible for analyzing and aiding the businesses in the city, maintaining partnerships, marketing, and  grant writing.

The economic development coordinator will be essential in various local, regional, and state entities. The economic development coordinator will participate with the recruiting of companies, organizations, and/or special entities to improve the living conditions of the people and businesses in the City of Clarkston. The economic development coordinator will plan and carry out various development plans, monitor, and promote various businesses to the region, further enhancing the economic development of the city.




  • Provide support to the Planning /Economic Development Department Director to plan and develop economic projects, marketing, and researching information to implement an economic development plan. 
  • Coordinate and implement programs that support industrial, office, or commercial development, business attraction and retention, and initiatives for small businesses.
  • Assist in the coordination of creating public infrastructure, facilities, and capital improvement projects.
  • Work with community leaders, and others to determine community needs, schedule meetings, research emerging needs, trends, and services, and prepare reports with strategic analysis and solutions to meet these needs.
  • Conduct research on various economic issues and publish research findings by preparing reports articles and presentations.
  • Providing effective advice regarding consultation on different economic relationships to businesses.
  • Study deeply the socioeconomic impacts of newly applied public policies along with proposed legislation, taxes, regulations, and services.
  • Produce various research projects or study projects undertaken by supervisor.
  • Provide trainings and presentations.
  • Formulate plans, recommendations, and policies to solve various economic problems.
  • Use various computer applications to set up functions or process the information.
  • Identify funding sources and participate in writing grants.


Knowledge Required by the Position:

  • Expert knowledge about economics mathematical and accounting principles.
  • Awareness of all the government laws, court procedures, legal codes, executive orders, government regulations, and other important agency rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Knowledge of business and management principles including strategic planning, resource allocation, and leadership techniques.
  • Expert analytical thinking and make use of logical procedures to solve work related issues and problems.
  • Possess innovative thinking abilities to develop new ideas.
  • Expert time management skills
  • Ability to make quick and accurate decisions.


Supervisory Controls: Work is performed under the general supervision of the Planning & Economic Development Director and reviewed through the inspection of records and the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of programs.


Complexity: Work requires analysis and judgment in accomplishing diversified duties. Work requires the exercise of independent thinking within the limits of guidelines, policies, standards, and precedents.


Personal Contacts: Contacts are typically with coworkers, other city employees, and the general public. 


Purpose of Contacts: Contacts are typically to give and exchange information and provide services.


Physical Demands: The work is typically performed with the employee sitting at a desk or standing.  The employee uses tools or equipment requiring dexterity. 


Work Environment:  The work is typically performed in an office and in the community. 


Supervisory and Management Responsibility: None


Minimum Qualifications: The individual must possess a bachelor's degree in business administration, management, or marketing. It is also essential for a candidate with a bachelor's degree to possess professional experience of at least six to eight years. Candidates with a master's degree in business management, administration, or marketing are preferred.  Any equivalent combination of education, training, and work experience. 



Salary:  $50,000


Resumes from applicants will be accepted until September 1, 2021. Resumes should include names, current addresses, and phone numbers of employers and managers for the past 10 years. A listing of duties and salary history for each position held for the past 10 years must be a part of the resume.

 Interested applicants may submit resumes by email or mail to:

City of Clarkston
Attn: Shawanna Qawiy
1055 Rowland Street

Clarkston, GA 30021