Press Release for the City Hall Annex Construction GroundBreaking

Press Release

Clarkston, GA – October 6th, 2012 – Clarkston City Council recently voted unanimously to select the construction firm, MACALLAN Group, to provide general contracting services for the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the historic Morris residence. This project will provide for new city administrative offices that will offer much needed office and meeting space where staff can conduct city business in an efficient manner. Construction improvements are set to begin in the month of October.

Mayor Ransom recently commented on the project; “after many years of inadequate space at City Hall, I am delighted to see the City Council come together to vote unanimously on this much needed project. This Annex will serve the community in many capacities for years to come”.

According to City Manager Keith Barker, “after two months of a pre-qualifications process followed by a proposal and bid submittal, the city review committee, after an exhaustive review and interview process with three highly skilled and qualified contractors, recommended to City Council the MACALLEN Group”. The MACALLAN Group is located in Atlanta.

Mr. Barker continued by stating that the Morris Family worked closely with staff and consultants to ensure that the integrity of the residence and property would remain intact as design and construction plans were being developed. “We were very cognizant of the history of the house and Miss Mary Morris’s contribution to the community over the many years she lived at this residence before her passing earlier this year. The City is mindful that historic buildings help define the character of the Clarkston Community by providing a tangible link with the past and the Morris House is one of our most important historical attributes”, according to Mr. Barker.

“Adaptive Reuse” is the act of finding a new use for a building structure. It is often described as a “process by which a structurally sound older building is developed for economically viable new uses”. This recycling of building structures has long been an important and effective historic preservation tool, states City Manager Barker. “From the very first day of meeting with the Morris Family, the city came to realize that the critical office space needs for staff and the community would be well served by the space available in the Morris residence. The added bonus was that we could tastefully preserve the property and home for the entire community to enjoy for many years to come”.

“The MACALLAN GROUP brings a wealth of experience with commercial and historic and custom home renovation and rehabilitation projects and we look forward to a successful project that is constructed on time and within budget, said City Manager Barker”. The project is scheduled for completion by April 2013.

A ground breaking ceremony has been scheduled for Saturday, October 13, 2012 beginning at 10:30 AM and will take place at the Morris House, 1055 Rowland Street, Clarkston, GA, 30021.

Information regarding this project can be directed to City Manager Keith Barker.

City Hall Annex Construction – Adaptive Reuse of Historic Morris House Ground Breaking Ceremony

Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 10:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

Keith Barker
City Manager
(404) 296-6489