Press Release Interactive Defense

Press Release

Clarkston Police Chief announces Interactive Defense Citizen Training Workshop

Clarkston, Ga. – “Interactive Defense is a free, web-based communication solution that will

revolutionize the way our citizens will interact with the Clarkston government,” states Chief Christine Hudson.

On December 20, 2011, the City of Clarkston teamed up with the Alpharetta-based company, Interactive Defense, to provide the citizens of Clarkston with a better way to engage in communication with their Police Department. Citizens can schedule home watch services, report code and public works issues and share important information on community issues with each other, all on the same web site. Additionally,
once a citizen has enrolled, they are able to view a database for wanted and missing persons, a crime map depicting specific areas where crimes have occurred, and provide tips on cases currently being investigated by the Clarkston Police Department.

“The City of Clarkston’s goal for using Interactive Defense is to build partnerships” states Police Chief Christine Hudson. “We want to create a sense of ownership around solving some of our community challenges which will allow us to make better informed decisions about how to keep our community safe.”

On Saturday, February 11 at 10:00 the Clarkston Police Department will hold an Interactive Defense Citizen Training Session to educate citizens on all the functions of the website. Citizens are encouraged to bring their own laptop to allow complete interactive training on the IDS website. The instructor for the workshop will be Eileen Falkenberg-Hall.

Who:          Clarkston Police Department

What:         Interactive Defense Citizen Training Session

Where:      City of Clarkston
                  3913 Church Street
                  Clarkston, Ga. 30021

When:       Saturday, February 11, 2012

Contact:    Keith Barker
                 City Manager
                 (404) 296-6489