Renewing Your Occupational Tax Certificate

Time to Renew your Occupational Tax Certificate?

Occupational Tax Certificates expire on December 31st of each year regardless of when the account was opened and must be renewed annually. The renewal period is January 1 to January 16, with a grace period until March 1. All applications submitted after January 16, will accrue additional financial penalties. If a business owner fails to apply for renewal of a business license by March I of each year, such license is deemed suspended and the licensee shall not be allowed to conduct business in the city until the license is approved for renewal and all fees and penalties paid.

Due to Covid, the 2021 Renewal Process will be Contactless

How to Renew your Business License:

  • In an effort to be more efficient and environmental-friendly, we have replaced our previous method of mailing applications at the start of each renewal season. Businesses will receive a mailed  reminder, prompting them to access and print the application directly from City of Clarkston’s website. 
  • Submit the Renewal Occupational Tax Certificate application for  businesses.  This year applications Will NOT be accepted in person. There are 2 options to submit your renewal application:

    1) Via mail: You may mail the application to City of Clarkston, 1055 Rowland St, ATTN: OCCUPATIONAL TAX, Clarkston, GA 30021. It must be accompanied with a check or money order of $100 for the Admin Fee. You will be invoiced via email for any occupational tax due (if applicable) after your file has been reviewed.

    2) Electronically: You may email a clear, scan copy of the application to Please be sure to include the business’s name in the subject line. You will be invoiced via email for the $100 admin fee, as well as any occupational tax due (if applicable) after your file has been reviewed.
    **It is critical to provide a working, LEGIBLE email on your paperwork**
    Please be prepared to pay any invoices/occupational tax due (if applicable) via credit card.

  • Making Payments:The City of Clarkston offers the following 4 payment options: 
    1.       Pay over the phone with your credit card by calling 678.409.9683.  
    2.       Mail the payment to:   Attention: City of Clarkston, 1055 Rowland St, Clarkston GA  30021
    3.       Drop off a payment at the Clarkston City Hall drop box located at 3921 Church St (corner of Church St & Market St)
     4.  Pay in person on Tuesday or Thursday between 10 am and 2 pm at Clarkston City Hall Annex located at 1055 Rowland St (parking lot entrance off Market St).

  • As a Reminder, if the business is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Partnership, it must be registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office per O.C.G.A. Title 43 (even if you are registered in another state).
  • The Renewal application will undergo verification all required supporting documentation is submitted.
  • Applicants must meet business type, zoning, location, and other requirements per local, state or federal agencies. 
  • The completed application is reviewed by the department staff and submitted for  billing/Issuance. 

Keep in mind: Each business license renewal is filed and issued by the City Hall Annex. If your business closes or changes ownership, you must notify the City Clerk immediately.

Only applications considered 100% complete will be accepted, so be sure to include all necessary information as detailed in the application.

2021 Renewal Application

Business Closed or Sold Affidavit