Renewing Your Occupational Tax Certificate

Time to Renew your Occupational Tax Certificate?

Occupational Tax Certificates expire on December 31st of each year regardless of when the account was opened and must be renewed annually. The renewal period is January 1 to January 16, with a grace period until March 1. All applications submitted after January 16, will accrue additional financial penalties. If a business owner fails to apply for renewal of a business license by March I of each year, such license is deemed suspended and the licensee shall not be allowed to conduct business in the city until the license is approved for renewal and all fees and penalties paid.


How to Renew your Business License:

  • Renewal Application are mailed to the address of record, beginning in November of each year. Submit the Renewal Occupational Tax Certificate application for  businesses – also available online and at City Hall Annex.
  • If the business is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Partnership, it must be registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office per O.C.G.A. Title 43 (even if you are registered in another state).
  • The Renewal application will undergo verification all required supporting documentation is submitted.
  • Applicants must meet business type, zoning, location, and other requirements per local, state or federal agencies. 
  • The completed application is reviewed by the department staff and submitted to the City Manager for approval or denial.


Keep in mind: Each business license renewal is filed and issued by the City Hall Annex. If your business closes or changes ownership, you must notify the City Clerk immediately.

Only applications considered 100% complete will be accepted, so be sure to include all necessary information as detailed in the application.

2020 Renewal Application

Business Closed or Sold Affidavit