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Standing Advisory Committee Information

Get Involved with Standing Advisory Committees

The Clarkston City Council formed the Standing Advisory Committees in February of 2016 to study and create policy recommendations that benefit the community. The Council intends to engage the public in the process of studying and creating policy recommendations.

Each SAC shall have two or three members from the City Council (including the Mayor) and one to three members from the general public.

Each member of a SAC shall have one vote when a question is called in a meeting of such SAC.


To download the SAC Application, click here.


Read on to learn more about the adopted Standing Advisory Committees:

Public Safety and Legal CommitteeMatters pertaining to public safety generally and penal ordinances of the City, agencies or organizations established by ordinance that touch upon law enforcement issues and/or the interaction between communities and public safety or law enforcement personnel.

Chair: Ytererenickia Bell

Vice-Chair: Awet Eyasu

Members: Jamie Carroll


Transportation and Environment Committee - Matters pertaining to transporta­tion generally, MARTA, CSX, traffic engineering and control, parking facilities, storm water, environmental contaminations and pollutions, bicycles and bike paths, pedestrian travel, green spaces, parks and recreation, clean energy, sanitation and recycling.

Chair: Awet Eyasu

Vice-Chair: Laura Hopkins

Members: Susan Hood


Housing and Infrastructure Committee - Matters pertaining to urban development issues such as eminent domain, urban redevelopment plans, planning functions, comprehensive development plans and land use plans set forth by the City, the development, redevelopment, and improvement of single-family and multi­family housing stock within the City, sewage and waste disposal, public streets and bridges, housing code enforcement and cable television franchises.

Chair: Jamie Carroll

Vice-Chair: Susan Hood

Members: Mayor Beverly Burks


Community Development & Civic Innovation Committee - Matters pertaining to the planning functions of the City, comprehensive development plans and land use plans, health, education and welfare of citizens, community service activities, consumer affairs and cultural affairs.

Chair: Debra Johnson

Vice-Chair: Ytererenickia Bell 

Members: Awet Eyasu


Business & Economic Development Committee - Matters pertaining to interactions with other governments and government agencies (including local, state, regional, federal and international), marketing efforts with a goal of attracting new business and residents to the City, and generally promoting the City in a positive light. 

Chair: Susan Hood

Vice-Chair: Ytererenickia Bell

Members: Mayor Beverly Burks


Equity, Inclusion, and Opportunity Committee - Matters pertaining to the City’s continued desire and commitment to being a welcoming, all-inclusive, equitable community where all can participate in their City government regardless of who they are, where they are from, what their beliefs are.  This committee will dedicate its efforts to ensure constant, equal, and transparent access for all. 

Chair: Debra Johnson

Vice-Chair: Laura Hopkins

Members: Mayor Beverly Burks