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Public Safety Ride-Along Program

The goal of the Ride Along program is to familiarize participants with the unpredictable and complex nature of police work, ultimately improving police and public relations. The Ride Along program is also a great introduction to daily life on the Clarkston police force.

Interested in the Clarkston Police Department Ride Along Program? Read more below.

  • Any participant under age 18 needs a parent’s or guardian’s permission
  • Any participant under age 16 will not be authorized without written permission of the Chief of Police
  • Ride Alongs for those under age 18 are limited to the day shift
  • Each Ride Along is typically 4 hours. For people under 18, it is 2 hours
  • Each Ride Along is limited to one participant per vehicle or per squad
  • Before the ride, Officers will educate participants on expected behavior
  • No Ride Along participant is authorized to operate City of Clarkston equipment
  • Failure to comply with directives of Officers or disobeying rules and guidelines will result in early termination of the Ride Along
  • Before starting the program, each participant must read and complete a liability waiver
  • Officers must request any additional screening information as they deem necessary
  • Participants must present proper ID to any officer or supervisor at the Ride Along
  • Any supervisor or officer may evaluate participant applicants before the ride. They may make approval or denial decisions at any time
  • Any applicant who is not approved for the Ride Along program will be notified at the earliest convenience

Want to learn more? Contact Sgt. Dustin Bulcher at (404) 292-9465.