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Administration of the City's financial matters is the responsibility of the Finance Department. The Finance Director advises the City Manager and the City Council on financial matters. This department maintains the City's accounting records, collects and invests city revenues, pays invoices, handles purchasing functions of the city, and reports on the City's financial status to the City Manager and City Council. 

The Finance Director is responsible for processing payroll, cash disbursements, cash receipts, recording financial transactions, banking and cash management. The Finance Director is also responsible for the assisting the City Manager in development of the City's Annual Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budget. The budget is adopted by the City Council and is the guiding policy document governing financial decisions for the City. Additional responsibilities include providing other City Departments assistance in preparing, tracking, reporting, and monitoring their individual budgets.

The Finance Department functions include:

Administration and Accounting
The Administration and Accounting function includes overall department operations; performs short-range and long-range financial planning; monitors financial condition of the city; develops and implements efficient and effective financial policies, plans and reporting systems that help the operating departments achieve their objectives and assure the city's long-term fiscal health.

Payables and Disbursements
Payables and Disbursements includes all vendor records, invoices and city disbursements,  ensures that all payroll and vendor records are maintained and reported in accordance with federal and state tax laws; administers the procurement and capital asset policy.

Revenue Management
Revenue Management includes posting and tracking all cash receipts from all sources of revenues, preparing bank deposits, posting transactions to the general ledger and analysis and collection of revenues for all city operations.

Clarkston Adopted Operating and Capital Budgets
Budget Presentations
Clarkston Adopted Millage Rates
Clarkston Annual Audit Reports