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Community Development

Clarkston’s Planning/Economic and Development department is responsible for the review and processing of zoning requests, zoning variances, conditional use permits, code amendments, notification for public hearings, annexations, and custodian of official zoning maps and long-range plans.  The Planning and Development Department aims to facilitate efficient city development while ensuring future growth. To strengthen and protect each neighborhood while supporting state-of-the-art businesses and real estate development. This, in turn, will create new jobs, lay the groundwork for quality land development, and broaden Clarkston’s tax base, drastically improving each resident’s quality of life—today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Planning & Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board is made up of five (5) resident members, all appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Each member serves a four (4)-year overlapping term.

Planning & Zoning Board Members:

  • Chuck McFarland – Chairman
  • Felicia Weinert– Vice Chairman
  • Herbert Clark
  • Birendra Dhakal
  • Lisa Williams

Anyone interested in serving on the Planning & Zoning Board in the case of a  vacancy is encouraged to complete and submit a  Planning & Zoning Committee Application, and return to Mrs. Lisa Cameron

Meetings and Agendas

Time and date: The Planning and Zoning Board meets at 7:00pm on the third Tuesday of every month unless noted elsewhere.

Past and future agendas: For more information about the meeting schedule, current agenda, and past agendas of the Planning and Zoning Board, check out the following links:

2023 Planning & Zoning Meeting Calendar 

2023 Application Submittal Deadlines Calendar 

Clarkston Zoning Rewrite: Summary of Changes-Nov.2022

Fee Schedule