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City Clerk

The City of Clarkston, City Clerk manages the Administrative Office and is responsible for business and alcohol license processing, coordinating and distributing Council Meeting agendas; maintaining contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and agreements and for overseeing the adoption and publication of the City of Clarkston’s Code of Ordinances. The City Clerk serves as the Clarkston Election Superintendent, the Qualifying Officer and Ethics Filing Officer for campaign finance reporting.

In addition to all of the above, the City Clerk is the official custodian of the seal of the City; affixes this seal to all official City documentation, and confirms Mayoral and Council signatures.

City Clerk Quick Links:

  • Business License – Anyone involved in a business or other occupation in Clarkston must obtain a Business License through the City Clerk.
  • Alcohol License – If you’re the owner of a restaurant or business that wants to sell beer, wine, or liquor, you’ll need a City of Clarkston Alcohol License.
  • Open Records Requests – The City Clerk’s office provides copies of public City records, but you’ll need to fill out an Open Records Request for access.
  • Clarkston Elections – Contact the City Clerk for all of your Clarkston General Election needs, including qualification requirements, meeting schedules, and election processes.
  • Hookah License - Only restaurants licensed, and operating as a restaurant on April 3, 2018 within the City, may apply for the permit to allow limited smoking of hookah within the restaurant. Applications must have been originally submitted before July 2, 2018.