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Clarkston Connection

So, you want to know what is happening in the City of Clarkston, read all about it in the City of Clarkston’s quarterly “Connection” newsletter. With the electronic editions both  accessible online and sent out to eNewsletter subscribers, “Connection” keeps readers, both residents and non-residents, apprised of City news, about recognitions, health/wealth/welfare matters and of community, family-friendly events, activities and happenings, worthy of attendance and participation.

“Connection” newsletters provide insight, detailed coverage and objective view-points to increase awareness of City of Clarkston’s programs, developments, policies and actions taken by elected officials, and executed by administrative staff.  Editions also spotlight Community Partners and resources programs, services, offerings and events.

Considered, by readers, to be the most reliable and consistent source for and about Clarkston, “Connection” delivers! Click HERE to Sign up for eNewsletters

2020 November - December Edition


connection cover nov and dec 2020


2020 September-October Edition

clarkston connection September October 2020

2020 Spring Connection

Spring edition