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Non Discrimination Ordinance

On April 2, 2019, the Clarkston City Council adopted Ordinance 19-437, titled, the CLARKSTON NON-DISCRIMINATION ORDINANCE, to amend Chapter 11 of the City of Clarkston Code.  The Ordinance adds a new Article VIII which prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, or public accommodation by businesses licensed by the City of Clarkston.

Additionally, the ordinance provides for the belief that that every person living in, working in, or visiting the City has a right to be free from discrimination and that all businesses licensed by the City should be prohibited from discriminating against employees and the members of the public generally based on personal characteristics of an individual as set out more fully in the ordinance’s language.

Under the new ordinance, all Clarkston Licensed Businesses are required to provide a copy of the ordinance to all of their respective employees within 90 days (60 days if they are a new business in Clarkston).

Click HERE to view the ordinance.