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Alcohol License

Do you own a restaurant or package sale business that wants to sell and serve beer, wine, or distilled spirits in the City of Clarkston?


Then you’ll need a City of Clarkston alcohol license.


To be considered, fill out and submit the New Alcohol Beverage License Application with all other necessary materials in person to the Reception Desk (1055 Rowland Street, Clarkston, GA 30021).


In addition to this, you also need a State Alcohol License. You can get one through the Georgia Department of Revenue.


Alcohol licensing for Consumption on the Premises, is only permitted at bona-fide restaurants meeting required food to alcohol sale ratio: 51/49% -This is verified thru required reporting.


All Businesses that acquire a Distilled Spirits (Liquor) Consumption on the Premises Alcohol License must complete an Excise Tax Report every Month. The Reports are Due by the 20th of the following Month. Click Here for Making Payments Information. 


In 2017, changes were made to the alcohol ordinance that limit new package alcohol sales. If you’d like to check out the new changes, you can view Ordinance 405 here.


Clarkston Alcohol License application process:


  1. Your business must have a valid Business license and have a current Occupational Tax Certificate from the City of Clarkston.
  2. Your New Alcohol License Application must be notarized, and submitted to the Reception Desk with an application payment.
  3. If you’re applying for package sales, see Ordinance 405 to make sure you meet the criteria to apply for a license.
  4. The City will verify your Occupational Business License as well as status of any taxes or fees you may owe.
  5. A Clarkston Police Department background check is required on each owner and manager.
  6. Alcohol Handling Permits are necessary for employees who serve, handle, or sell alcohol.
  7. The ARC (Alcohol Review Committee) will review your completed application. It will then be submitted to the City Council for final approval at the next City Council meeting. You will be asked to attend.


City of Clarkston Alcohol Beverages Licenses are issued under Chapter 3 of the Clarkston Code of Ordinances. You can review those requirements here.


Click here for hours of sale requirements for all alcoholic beverages


All Alcohol license expire on December 31st of each year regardless of when the account was opened and must be renewed annually.