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Business License

During  the current COVID19  situation, if you have questions about applying or payments, you may call the City Hall, during business hours, 404-296-6489 or 678-409-9683


Need an Occupational Tax Certificate?

The City of Clarkston requires anyone involved in a business, trade profession, or other occupation (including home occupations) within the City limits, to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate and pay an Occupational Tax, prior to opening a business. Occupational Tax Certificates expire on December 31st of each year regardless of when the account was opened and should be renewed annually.

Each person who is licensed by the Secretary of State pursuant to O.C.G.A. title 43 shall provide evidence of their current and valid state licensure.

If you’re starting a new business, the business location must be zoned and deemed appropriate for operation—it must meet each City Code requirement. You can schedule a meeting with City Planning Staff to confirm your intended business is permitted to operate.  You can review the City Code at

Upon issuance, the Occupational Tax Certificate must be posted in a visible location in the business establishment.


If you've sold or closed your business fill out the Affidavit.

How to Apply for a Business License:

  • Submit the 2024 New Business License Application for new businesses - available online and at City Hall Annex. Please be aware that the only way to obtain a new Occupational Tax Certificate is directly through the City of Clarkston.
  • If the business is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Partnership, it must be registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office per O.C.G.A. Title 43 (even if you are registered in another state).
  • The Business will undergo verification of Occupational Tax (business license) as well as status of any fees or taxes due to the City.
  • Applicants must meet business type, zoning, location, and other requirements per local, state or federal agencies. 
  • The completed application is reviewed by the department staff and submitted to the City Manager for approval or denial.

Keep in mind: Each business license renewal is filed and issued by the City Hall Annex. If your business closes or changes ownership, you must notify the City Clerk immediately.

According to Section 11-40 of the City Code, members of professions classified in O.C.G.A. 48-13-9(c) must elect either a flat fee or gross receipts as their method of calculating Occupational Tax.

Each new business must pay a one-hundred-dollar ($100.00) fee upon application.

Only applications considered 100% complete will be accepted, so be sure to include all necessary information as detailed in the application.

Business License Pre-Application Form

2024 New Business License Application

2024 Renewal Application

Home Based Affidavit

Affidavit if Business Sold or Closed