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Building Permits

Generally, a building permit is required for new construction, temporary buildings and alterations to existing construction (interior and exterior). The following table provides general descriptions of common construction work and indicates whether or not a building permit is required:

Description of Work Permit? Yes Permit? No
   New Residential Y  
   Decks construction of structural repairs    
          New Construction/structural repairs Y  
          Non-structural repairs    N
    Doors and Windows    
          With structural alterations Y  
          Without structural alternations    N
    New Fireplace or Stove Y  
    Interior remodeling    
          Drywall; Framing (structural and non-structural) Y  
          Painting; Tilling, Carpeting, Trim Work    N
    Children's Playhouse (max. size:120 sq ft)    N
    Garage Door repair/replacement    N
    Roof Covering repair/replacement    N
    Retaining Walls (4ft. or greater in height)  Y  
    Swimming Pools/Spas/Jacuzzis  Y  
    New exterior siding, masonry (i.e. brick, Hardi plank) or stucco finish  Y  
    Bathroom Fixture repair/replacement    
         with piping alterations Y  
         without piping alterations   N
    New Construction Y  
    New Fixture requiring piping alterations Y  
    Water Heater replacement Y  
    Driveway repairs   N
    Driveway Footprint (enlargement)  Y  
    (Note: Grading and other land disturbing activities require a Land Disturbance Permit)    
    Appliance replacement using permanent hardwired devices (piping or wiring)  Y  
    Appliance replacement using plug-in devices   N
    Service change out  Y  
    HVAC System (new installation or replacement)  Y  
          New installation or replacement  Y  
          Cleaning    N
Natural Gas    
    Piping (new installation, replacement or maintenance)  Y  

NOTE REGARDING PERMITS FOR UTILITY CONNECTIONS: Depending on your gas or electricity service provider, you may be required to have a safety inspection of your property (electricity) or a line pressure test (gas) before service can be established at your address. Check with your provider for details regarding specific requirements. If either of these tests/inspections is required by the provider, you will need to obtain a building permit from the City.

Plan Submittal

Plans are required for all commercial and residential construction. Please submit digital copies of building/structural plans designed under the International Building Code, Georgia Fire Code and City of Clarkston building and construction code. These plans will be required for review and retained by the following department(s).

  • City’s contracted building inspector
  • DeKalb County Fire Marshal's Department 
  • DeKalb County Watershed / Water and Sewer 
  • DeKalb County GIS 

City of Clarkston Inspections

For Questions on the Building Permit Process, contact Lisa Cameron at

All inspection requests can be made through the on-line permitting portal at

You will need one or more of the following to submit an inspection request. 
1.  Permit #
2.  Type of inspection
3.   Address of the inspection
4.   Contact Name
5.   Contact number

Any missing information will cause a delay in an inspection being scheduled.

All inspection requests received before 3PM Monday-Thursday, will be scheduled for the following business day. 

All inspections received after 3PM on Friday, will be scheduled for inspection on the following Tuesday.

No inspections can be scheduled or take place on a scheduled city holiday. 

DeKalb County Fire Marshal Inspections
The DeKalb County Fire Marshal will begin charging fees for plan review and inspections pertaining to both new construction and renovation of existing structures.  All fees are payable directly to DeKalb County and will be collected at the time of plan submittal.

Click here for Fire Marshal announcement and 2018 fee schedule
Click here for Fire Marshal Review application

Forms and Additional Information

Building Plan Review Form

Building Permit Application Form

Building Permit Submital Requirements

Building Permit Fees

Authorized Permit Agent Form