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The Budget cycle is the process from beginning to develop a budget to the final charge against a budge. Since budget allocations are on an annual basis, the cycle covers the cost/expenditures for a single year. For the City of Clarkston, the budget cycle runs from January 1 through December 31.

Municipal revenue sources are often divided into two categories: general fund revenues and enterprise funds. While enterprise funds (charges for municipal water and sewer service, municipal gas service and municipal electric service for example) account for more than half of total municipal. General fund revenues), the four highest municipal revenue sources are (1) property taxes, (2) sales taxes, (3) excise and special use taxes (e.g., alcoholic beverage, insurance premiums, hotel-motel, and occupation taxes) and (4) franchise fees.

Expenditures are paid on a bi-weekly basis, all expenditures for payment are due on Monday by 12 noon and will be processed and mailed on Friday.

A balanced budget (particularly that of a government) is a budget with revenues equal to expenditures and neither a budget deficit. Generally, it refers to a budget with no deficit, but possibly with a surplus.

Municipal Court

There is a scheduled court date and time indicated on the citation. This is your arraignment date. You will be asked to enter a plea at that time. Please be on time for your appointed court date as the judge will give you valuable information concerning your pleas and fines, etc. at the opening of the court session.

If the violation is not a mandatory appearance violation, you may pay the fine prior to the court date and time to avoid an appearance in court. If your fine is not paid by the end of your scheduled court session, you will be penalized for failing to appear in court on your scheduled court date and time. You may contact the Clerk’s office to find out the amount of your fine, or pay it online using the link provided. Some examples of mandatory appearance is DUI, Disorderly Conduct, No License, Suspended License, Suspended Registration, Reckless Driving, No Insurance, Fleeing or attempting to Elude and any charge involving an Accident. Click Here: To Pay Fines Online.

If you plea not guilty, you will be given the option of having a non-jury trial by our Judge. Trials are NOT heard on your arraignment date because the Officers are not present at your arraignment. All not guilty pleas will be reset to a trial calendar to allow time to subpoena all witnesses, including the officer, who may be called upon to testify at your trial. 

Accident reports may be obtained from the Clarkston Police Department. You may contact the Records Division of the Clarkston Police Department at (404)292-9465 for more information.

If you do not agree with the Judge's decision made on your case, you may appeal it through the Superior Court of DeKalb County. Please contact the Clerk's office of the DeKalb County Superior Court for further information.

O.C.G.A. § 40-5-33 mandates that drivers must update their address with the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety within 60 days of moving.   If the address on your license or citation is outdated, it is your responsibility to notify the Clerk of Court of the correct address.  Notices sent to an incorrect address will not constitute an excuse for non-compliance.  Therefore your case would still be considered as Failure to Appear.

Police Department

In an emergency, dial 911 from any phone within the City. This number applies for any emergency--police, fire, or emergency medical services (EMS).

The Department currently has 18full time officers, 35 reserve officers and 4 civilian employees.

Residents who want to ride along with a police officer may obtain a ride along application from the police department. Once it is completed and turned in at the Police Department, an Officer will contact you to set up a date and time for this worthwhile experience.

The Clarkston Police Department is committed to maintaining a professional force and department. Both officers and civilians work for the department. If anyone has a complaint regarding an officer's actions or a civilian employee’s actions, he/she is encouraged to speak with a department representative about the incident. Everyone should know they have every right to make a complaint and that no retaliation will come as a result of that complaint. The department will diligently investigate the complaint and implement corrective measures if they are warranted.

Police call takers are trained to get as much information as possible in order to determine the nature of the problem and its seriousness. For your information, while the police call taker is trying to obtain the necessary information, in most instances, they have already dispatched police vehicles to the scene. The information you provide will further assist towards your safety and that of the police officers.

The Clarkston Police department does not take reports over the phone. We feel that it is important that an Officer respond to your home or business and talk with you directly while taking a report.

It is the policy of the Department to enforce all of the laws of the State of Georgia, and by doing such, the Department is committed to effective traffic enforcement to reduce accidents, apprehend drunk drivers and to ensure a high degree of safety on the highway.

Yes, the Police Department depends on citizens calling to report crimes or suspicious activity. The police person who takes your call will ask questions about the suspicious activity to determine its nature and ask for descriptions of the people involved. Please call 911 to report suspicious activity.

State and Federal regulations prohibit officers from using the computer to retrieve information not related to investigative purposes, and the information can only be shared with law enforcement entities.

Sometimes an officer responding to an emergency call is cancelled and this is why he/she may appear to be using his/her lights to get through an intersection.

Officers generally do not actively get involved in civil disputes as they are not empowered by state statute to do so. These incidents are best dealt with by contacting an attorney or the courthouse. However, do not hesitate to call for an officer in any situation, as he/she will recommend some options available to you.

Officers are trained to utilize lighting techniques to illuminate a vehicle for the safety of themselves and the occupants of the vehicle, and it is not meant to be something that is annoying or a form of harassment.

The Department Policies are specific about an officer's driving habits, and forbids any violation of speed that is not related to police duties. Officers are allowed, as set by statute and Department Policy, to exceed at times, the speed limit only as it relates directly to a police call.

Please feel free to approach any officer and strike up a conversation... they are after all serving you, and we encourage not only the officers but the public as a whole to meet and get to know our officers, we firmly believe that the success of any Department is dependent on community support.

Public Works & Stormwater Departments

Complete an online service request for our department or call 404-296-6489.

Contact Waste Management directly  ((will have update with new procedures).

Complete an online service request for our department or call 404-296-6489.

Complete an online service request for our department or call 404-296-6489.

Check out our Parks page and read our "Facility Rental FAQ".

Complete an online service request for our department. If the clogged drain is causing flooding, contact our office immediately at 404-296-6489 and we’ll send our emergency crew out to repair it.

Please contact DeKalb County Water and Sewer at 770-621-7200 with a specific location.

Contact DeKalb County Water and Sewer at 770-621-7200 to report the problem.

We prioritize work orders based on the date of the request and the importance of the request to public safety. The goal of the Public Works Dept. is to complete all emergency issues within 24 hours and other essential maintenance requests within 3 weeks. Non-essential maintenance issues are generally completed within 90 days provided that funds are available.

The most effective way to report an issue is through our (automated reporting system in process), Alternatively, you may call 404-296-6489. Please provide as much information as you can about the location with either exact addresses or nearest cross street. The more information you are able to give us, the more likely it is that we can locate the issue and correct it in a timely manner.

Quality of Life/Code

A quality of life officer is a municipal officer who interprets and enforces the municipal code of ordinances. Specific area of expertise includes: zoning regulations; building; housing; environmental and property maintenance.

Patrol’s the residential and commercial areas in an effort to provide proactive enforcement through performing site inspections to determine if a violation exists and responding through appropriate actions. In addition to proactive enforcement, QOL Officer Patrol’s residential and commercial areas in response to written complaints received regarding potential violations. All written complaints are followed up with site inspections and appropriate actions.  

Clarkston Municipal Code Section 5-32 requires citizens to mow their lawns on a regular basis. Grass/weeds cannot exceed twelve (12) inches in height on all properties all year round. Why do I have to cut the grass along the City Street? The Clarkston Municipal Codes requires citizens to maintain their property all the way to the street.

Outdoor storage includes: damaged lumber, building materials, junk, trash, garbage, debris, scrap metal, concrete, asphalt, cans, bottles, glass, tires, salvage materials, boxes, containers, bins, and abandoned, discarded, inoperative, or unusable furniture, stove, refrigerator, freezer, sink, toilet, cabinet or other household appliances or fixtures,  laying around in the yards.  Clarkston Municipal Code Section 5-33 does not permit the presence of outdoor storage for more than twenty-four (24) hours.

Clarkston Municipal Code Section 18-27 prohibits any person to store, retain, park or keep in the City of Clarkston inoperative, wrecked or junked vehicles for more than seventy-two (72) hours after being notified of the violation.

Clarkston Municipal Code Section 12-52 requires animal feces to be immediately removed and dispose of by the owner of the animal on private/public grounds.

A home business is allowed in the City of Clarkston. They are primarily restricted to office uses in residential neighborhoods, and require an occupational tax certificate for a home occupation.