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New Waste Collection Service and Cart Transition Announcement

Attention City of Clarkston Residents:

Starting April 30, 2024, Waste Pro will be our new sanitation service provider. To accompany this change, all residents will receive new waste collection carts.

Waste Pro Trash Bin


Important Dates and Instructions: 

April 29, 2024: Please place your old Waste Management carts on the curb for collection. Do not use the old carts after this date.

April 30, 2024: Begin using your new Waste Pro carts.

May 6, 2024: This is the first collection day with your new carts. Please make sure they are ready for use.


Reminder About Cart Placement

To ensure a smooth and efficient collection process, please follow these guidelines for cart placement:

  • Place carts curbside the night before your collection day. Collection days start on Monday each week.
  • Position the carts with wheels facing the street and lids closed to prevent spillage and facilitate easy pickup.
  • Ensure carts do not block driveways or sidewalks to maintain clear access for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Bag all waste before placing it in your cart to ensure proper and clean collection.

We thank you for your cooperation during this transition to Waste Pro. Let's work together to keep the City of Clarkston clean!



Refuse (regular household trash) is picked up on Mondays, except for Holidays.

No refuse should be placed at the street for pickup until 5:00 PM on the Sunday prior to the Monday pickup. (City Ordinance Article 5, Sec. 19-73)

NOTE: Any refuse placed at the street for pickup by Waste Management before the weekend is subject to collection by Public Works. The resident at the location will receive an invoice covering the cost when this special pickup is required.


Clarkston Public Works Sanitation/Recycling/Yard Waste Citizen’s Update

Waste Pro will only pick up the waste pro container and it should only be filled with household garbage. Latham

Home Sanitation will only pick up the recycling container. See the list of acceptable recycling items on the reverse

side. Clarkston Public Works will pick up Yard waste and bulk items as special pickup items. Please see the attached

price list below. To dispose of yard waste or bulk items, you must set up a Special Pick with Clarkston Public Works

by contacting Marcus Seaton, Deputy Director of Public Works at



Appliances (cost per item)

Refrigerators $75.00

Stoves $55.00

Water Heaters $50.00

Dishwashers $55.00

Washing Machine $55.00

Dryer $55.00



Furniture (cost per item)

Sofa/Sofa Bed $55.00

Beds Frames $40.00

Chairs (Kitchen, Desk, Office) $25.00

Couch, Dresser, Chest, Etc. $50.00

Miscellaneous Boxes or items $20.00

Tables (Kitchen, Coffee, End) $45.00

Mattress/Box Spring - Twin $60.00

Mattress/Box Spring – Full/Queen $75.00

Mattress/Box Spring – King $100.00

The price of a large volume pick-up request will be set by management upon review of the items. (Eviction


Bagged yard waste disposal is $1.00 per bag (No Limit)

48 inches in length (max) and 4 inches in diameter (max). All limbs must be cut, and the bundle price must be

set by Management.


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Disposal

Household Hazardous Waste (commonly referred to as HHW) are common household items like batteries, light bulbs, cleaners, paints that should be disposed of separately from regular trash and wastewater sewer system. For more information regarding disposal of HHW, click here


recycling items