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Police Officer

*End date: Open until all positions are filled*


Job Responsibilities


All Clarkston police officers are responsible for the following:

  • Assist fellow officers with interdepartmental tasks and city-related activities
  • Perform rescues
  • Provide direction and information to the general public
  • Resolve disputes and deter community criminal activity
  • Compile reports
  • Prepare cases for trial
  • Attend court appearances
  • Properly maintain and update records
  • Consistently work to achieve the highest level of cooperation
  • Make sure he/she performs effectively and efficiently to uphold City of Clarkston law

All officers operate on 12-hour work shifts.


Major duties

  • Routinely detect and deter criminal activity and traffic violations in the City of Clarkston
  • Respond to domestic disputes, assaults, burglaries, traffic disruptions, lost or missing persons searches, public service responsibilities, and stranded motorists, among many others.
  • Consistently enforce Federal, State, and local law via arrests
  • Protect civil rights of those in custody
  • Issue traffic and parking warnings and citations to enforce the law
  • Routinely inspect roadways, bridges, and traffic signs/signals, reporting hazardous conditions accordingly
  • Investigate accidents and other incidents by interviewing victims, witnesses, and compliance, gathering any pertinent information and securing the scene
  • Detain, arrest, and process offenders and fugitives, summoning witnesses
  • Assist other officers whenever necessary
  • Provide CPR and first-aid services to victims as needed
  • Provide traffic direction for parades, funerals, sports events, and school crossings, among others
  • Present evidence in testimony in courts of law
  • Prosecute felony and misdemeanor cases
  • Properly complete all required reports and forms, including incident reports
  • Inspect and maintain their assigned car and uniform in accordance with departmental procedure
  • Serve criminal and traffic warrants on misdemeanor and felony suspects
  • Complete all required training
  • Complete required community projects


  • High school diploma or valid equivalent
  • Associate’s degree or two (2) years relevant college coursework
  • Valid GA driver’s license
  • US Citizenship
  • At least 21 years of age


Georgia P.O.S.T. Certified applicants will be preferred.


Each applicant must successfully complete the pre-employment process, which includes:

  • Oral interview
  • Background check
  • Criminal record and traffic history check
  • Medical and drug screening
  • Polygraph evaluation and/or voice stress
  • Police Academy completion


We are looking for an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Yearly salary and bonuses


Currently offering signing bonus.


  • Entry level/POST Academy training: $39,520
  • Certified (POST) Police Officer: $44,990 starting (12-hour shifts)
  • Signing bonus for Georgia Certified Officers: $3,000
  • Signing bonus for non-certified applicants: $1,000


Closing date


Police Officer applications will be accepted until all Clarkston Police Department positions are filled.


Click here to download the application and apply.


Any further questions? Contact SGT Trumble at or (404) 292-9465


If you’d like to apply, you must complete a Clarkston Police Application packet to be considered.