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Get Involved

Get Involved In Clarkston

There are a number of opportunities for residents to get involved in City of Clarkston Organizations or Committees.  The commissions act as advisers to City Council on a variety of subjects, including building and municipal codes, environmental issues, open space, parks and recreation, planning, transportation, public safety and other important city topics. Any resident is eligible to join a board or commission, and interested citizens are encouraged to apply when there are openings

An application must be filled out and submitted to City Hall.

Standing Advisory Committees

The Clarkston City Council formed the Standing Advisory Committees  in February of 2016 to study and create policy recommendations that benefit the community. The Council intends to engage the public in the process of studying and creating policy recommendations.

Planning and Zoning Committee

Do you want to make an impact on your community’s development?  Then the Planning and Zoning Board may be the perfect opportunity for you. The P&Z Committee is responsible for assisting City Council by making initial recommendations on proposed zoning actions (rezoning, variance, etc.) upon review by City Staff.

Public Art Advisory Committee

If you enjoy art and wish to facilitate more in the community, then you may want to serve on the Public Art Advisory Committee.  The City Council formed the Clarkston Public Art Advisory Committee to promote a sense of ownership and community pride through public art contributions in public facilities and spaces for residents and guest that come to the City of Clarkston. The Public Art Advisory Committee will work to facilitate access to and appreciation for art and cultural heritage and enjoyment of public places.


Charter Review Commiittee


The Charter Review Committee has been  comprised of seven members, two (2) Members from the current Council (including the Mayor) and five (5) members will be residents of Clarkston. At the July 5, 2018 Council meeting, the Council adopted a resolution to add an additional resident member position to the Charter Review Committee to be appointed by a majority of a quorum of the Clarkston City Council. Council will consider appointing the final member to the Charter Review Committee at the September 4, 2018 Council Meeting.  Interested Residents should complete the Charter Review Committee Application and submit to the City Clerk.