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Milam Park Pool Information

Pool Guidelines

To keep the pool safe we ask patrons to follow these guidelines:

  • Large floats or inner tubes are not permitted, as they obstruct the view of the lifeguards. Water guns, throwing toys or other items that may cause harm are prohibited.  Small floating toys or pouring toys are acceptable for tots.  Safety of items will be determined at the discretion of the pool staff.
  • Children may wear coastguard-approved PFDs’ with close parental supervision.
  • Patrons swimming with children who wear diapers must use “leak proof” baby swim diapers, or diapers covered with snug-fitting plastic pants.
  • Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to the pool and to supervise them closely while in the water. They are also asked to discuss pool safety rules with their children and to encourage respect for pool rules and pool staff.

For more information on general pool operations, contact Michael Duncan, Parks and Recreation Manager at

The City of Clarkston contracts for management of pool operations and staffing of the Milam Park Pool.  The firm has extensive experience in the swimming pool industry fand in providing lifeguards and pool maintenance for private pool and governments.


View here for Milam Park Pool Brochure for pool hours and more.