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Weather Update: Precipitation Tapering Off, Cold Front Bringing Challenging Conditions


City of Clarkston Residents: Expect precipitation to gradually diminish from the northwest. However, a few key messages highlight critical information for the day:

Wind Chill Advisory: Starting at 5 PM this afternoon until 10 AM Wednesday, a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for north Georgia and portions of central Georgia, signaling potentially dangerous wind chills.

Slick Spots Warning: Cold temperatures, especially in areas hit by recent rainfall, may create slick spots on untreated roads and elevated surfaces like bridges.

Dangerously Cold Temperatures: Brace for a surge of frigid air tonight, bringing freezing rain and the risk of ice formation. Take precautions against frostbite or hypothermia.

Anticipated Impacts:

  • Freezing rain could contribute to icy conditions.
  • Recent rainfall may freeze, leading to hazardous surfaces.
  • Patchy ice might develop on untreated roads and elevated surfaces.
  • Cold temperatures pose risks to health, especially for vulnerable populations.

Protective Measures Amplified: Ensure preparedness, especially in areas less accustomed to prolonged freezing conditions. Remember the "5 P's of Cold Weather Preparedness":

  • Protect People
  • Protect Pets
  • Protect Plants
  • Protect Pipes
  • Practice Fire Safety

Stay safe and warm!