Friendship Forest Redevelopment

For several years, this 15.7 acre greenspace and wildlife sanctuary ½ mile from the Clarkston Town Center and along the major East-West corridor, East Ponce de Leon, remained underutilized and off-the-radar. Recognizing the tremendous potential of this well placed greenspace, the City, in 2015, held the first of three public meetings to receive community input, ultimately leading to the creation of a Master Plan.

Friendship Forest was designated as an Urban Redevelopment Area (URA) by the City Council in 2017 which authorized a $1.35 million dollar redevelopment of the wildlife sanctuary. The project will include the construction of a new parking lot and restrooms at the entrance, walking trails, a new pavilion and additional restrooms within the park, creation of a wetlands area and the introduction of several wetlands plants and vegetation, a boardwalk, observation decks, new bridges and the installation of interpretive signage. This project will be completed by December, 2018.