Streetscape and Pedestrian Safety Improvements Project

The City of Clarkston became eligible to receive up to $4 million dollars in federal funds, administered through the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) in 2006. In 2011, the Clarkston City Council authorized staff to begin the process to acquire the matching funds required to make this project a reality.

Streetscape improvements and pedestrian walkway enhancements are coming to Clarkston. Project Goals Established by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Clarkston the project goals include: turning nondescript roads into successful streets that create a sense of place; creating a foundation and catalyst for civic and economic revitalization in the town center area and city gateways; creating an attractive environment and positive tone to encourage business and consumer investment in the town center area and leaving a legacy for future generations.

Project Extent The City of Clarkston is in the early design stages of a Streetscape and Pedestrian Enhancement Project which will result in significant improvements for the town center and adjacent roadways. This corridor enhancement construction project is planned to occur on various sections of E. Ponce de Leon Avenue, Market Street, Church Street, portions of Rowland Street and Norman Road. Funding The project is made possible by a combination of Federal and State grant funding obtained by the City of Clarkston in addition to local funding. Schedule Since April 2014, a committee comprised of community residents, property owners, businesses, non-profit agencies, institutions and elected officials, with a vested interest in the streetscape and pedestrian enhancements in Clarkston, have worked with the city’s consultant team (AMEC), to develop draft concept designs for the project.

Over the next 12-15 months the city and its project team will be meeting with property owners on the corridor including the residents at-large at various public meetings to discuss and present the most up-to-date design plans. As the project moves from the design phase to the right-of-way phase, the city's right-of-way agent will meet with affected property owners to discuss project impacts, if any, along their property frontage. Once this phase is complete, the project will move into the construction phase. Additional meetings will be held to outline the construction schedule with those affected. Construction is expect to begin in 2018.

Enhancements The enhancements along sections of E. Ponce de Leon Avenue, Market Street, Church Street and Norman Road are anticipated to include roadway resurfacing, sidewalks, street lighting and furnishings, landscape planting, banners and gateway monuments and railroad crossing improvements. How you can get involved The goal for the City of Clarkston Streetscape and Pedestrian Enhancement Project is to ensure transparent community involvement. We pledge to inform the public of the purpose and progress of the project; invite participation in the planning process to build consensus; and provide opportunities for the community to communicate their perspectives, opinions and ideas throughout the duration the of the project.