Just Health Summit

The Partnership for Southern Equity’s Just Health Summit theme: Why Health Equity Matters ® is central to the ongoing work of the Just Health Special Project, and PSE’s commitment to minimizing the health inequities experienced by low wealth and communities of color; toward that end, the JHS goals include:

• Convene a diverse group of state-wide and regional participants to increase health equity knowledge and understanding

• Identify and share promising health equity practices and tools

• Identify champions who will advance health equity in their communities

• Create a space for public policy and decision-makers to network with the people most affected by health inequities

Participants (local, rural, regional and national) will have the opportunity to be in close proximity, to have the deep dive and courageous discussions focused on what “people have said they care about’, and what is uniquely aligned with the PSE equity eco-system:

• Health Equity and Racial Justice – the connections between race, racism and health including the impact of race on health; access to resources and opportunities that either advance or hinder health equity

• Health Equity and Economic Opportunity – the connections between economic opportunity and poor health outcomes are linked including the burdens of disease and the benefits of adequate income to achieve wellness and good health

• Health Equity and Climate Change – the health risks and impact of climate change are not equally and fairly distributed across people, in particular low wealth and communities of color

• Health Equity and Growth – with change and development and the distribution of resources and power, resources and opportunities to achieve optimal health are minimized, and is largely determined by where and how we are able to live

• Health Equity and Rural Communities – rural residents experience significant health disparities including isolation, lower economic status, higher rates of health risk behaviors, limited access to healthcare, and healthcare specialists. CLICK HERE For more information and Ticket